Sparking a renewed interest in learning
Students run, jump, sing, dance, toss, and build while learning math and reading. Orion's University strives to create a lasting impact on children, especially by providing them with skills that can be used during the school day. Students will discover that learning can be fun. The curriculum leads students through the practice of essential concepts and strategies to help them master math, reading, and writing tasks that are found on state standardized tests and benchmark assessments at school.
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Proven Results
A chance to reach their full potential
Being educators first, the Orion's University team has provided high-quality after-school tutoring to 33,000+ students at 300+ schools in five states. By utilizing the Orion's Mind curriculum that teaches math and reading through the theory of Multiple Intelligences, students gain an academic edge. The tutoring program teaches Common Core Standards and has been proven through third-party analysis to have a “High Impact” improving scores on state standardized tests in both math and reading.